10 September 2011

growing (and eating & drinking): rosemary

The garden includes a rosemary plant that can be best described as a bush at this point.  I've taken to cutting sprigs of rosemary to bring into the house for impromptu bouquets every so often.  I love the smell of rosemary and like that I'm able to have greenery from the garden year-round.  This weekend we had gin and tonic cocktails with muddled rosemary - very herbal and refreshing for the end of summer.  Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with rosemary and capers - so savory and flavorful - served over toasted slices of rosemary olive oil bread.

The rain has finally stopped and today is sunny, breezy, and absolutely beautiful.  The windows are thrown wide open and the fresh air is a welcome change.  An afternoon nap may be in order...

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