06 September 2011


The past week has been hot and humid, but teetering on the brink of not being hot and humid.  You know?  The canal near the house is green with algae, even with the amount of rain and wind we've gotten with our various tropical storms and whatnot.  Hard to tell the difference between the green of the trees and the green of the water.  A little surreal.

The Labor Day weekend has come to a close and heading back into work today seems daunting and depressing.  The weather this morning is equally depressing - rainy and cold.  No morning run (I cannot make myself run in the rain) and instead a little extra time with the coffee and catching up on friends' blogs, etc.

Although I did have to work one day this weekend, a little fun was squeezed into the equation as well - a little tango, a little art, some good food and cocktails (southsides and martinis), hanging out, reading.  A bit of a lazy weekend.  A bit perfect.

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L. said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend (sans working on day of it); I'll be watching for signs of fall via your blog! :D