27 October 2011

sighs of relief (and a lemon verbena pedicure)

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement during my latest work stress.  It is over and I'm breathing sighs of relief.  These past few days I've been enjoying getting back to normal by spending time with friends and loved ones.  Happy hour with Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (thanks for converting me Theresa!); Friday night movie night at the Byrd Theatre with the original 1925 silent Phantom accompanied by a Wurlitzer organ; visiting baby Esther and her mom; Oktoberfest potluck; hanging with Grandma; and finally a spa trip with  my mother (seaweed wrap, pumpkin facial, and lemon verbena pedicure).

It is good to be back in my happy place.  I spent yesterday after my mother left doing a lot of cleaning, finally mowing the lawn (sorry it took me so long, backyard-neighbor Steve), going for a run in the BEAUTIFUL weather, and making tortilla soup.  Oh, and catching up on the latest Downton Abbey Season 2 episodes online.  Maggie Smith is a riot.


T. said...

So glad you like the Punkin Ale!! And glad to hear that you got some downtime.

JBR said...

Isn't "the Byrd" (as they say in Richmond)wonderful?!? Glad work stress relieved - for quite a while, I hope.

Gretchen said...

T - it is SO delicious. And really hard to find!

JBR - yes the Byrd is so beautiful. That chandelier!