28 October 2011


Brrrrr...chilly weather is settling in for the weekend and I am wishing that I actually took the time on my day off to unpack my winter clothing and put away my summer.  Yes, I have too many clothes if they have to hang in seasonal shifts.  I am well aware of that.  But that doesn't change the fact that my tank tops and cute summer skirts won't keep me warm this weekend.  So I'm layering scarfs and hoping for the best.

Met up with a girlfriend last night for dinner in downtown Fredericksburg and was really pleased to see that Halloween decorations were on display in more than one storefront.  Wittingham always has the best (most creative and well-executed) decorations at Christmas, but must admit that I'd never noticed Halloween before.  Props to them and some of their neighbors for getting into the spirit.  Now I just need to carve that pumpkin that my mother brought me as a gift this week.  Then I'll be one step closer to having actually decorated/prepared for the holiday myself.  Candy purchasing might also be a good step.  If I don't want my house egged, that is.

And in other (obsessive) news, I have succumbed to Pinterest.  Took the plunge.  Haven't started pinning yet, but we'll see how it goes...eeek!  Now that's scary.


M said...

Oh dear lord - be careful with the Pinterest! I have lost countless hours of my life to it...so addictive!

Ms. Sellers said...

I discovered pinterest this week too! I'll keep you updated!

L. said...

Pinterest is awesome, but it is one heck of a time suck. Have fun with it! :D