31 October 2011

a walk in the cemetery

I had to scrape ice off the car windows this morning.  But there was a lovely frost on the grass and a hanging fog in the air that made the cold worthwhile.  At least for the short amount of time before my heated car seat warmed up.

This weekend we celebrated our six-month dating anniversary with a lovely dinner out and a walk in the cemetery.  That's what every couple does, right?  Hollywood Cemetery was appropriately gothic and gloomy and the weather just added to the mood.

After a pumpkin-carving party hosted by a friend, I now have a spider-adorned pumpkin for the trick-or-treaters.  I also have a good amount of pumpkin seeds and the serious desire to make this recipe for pumpkin pasta again.  Mmm...warm comfort food.


Einat said...

How romantic! Congrats on the half year milestone.

L. said...

I think this sounds like the perfect way to celebrate six months! :D

JBR said...

So glad you and beau enjoyed Hollywood. Hope you took in view of James River there too. Love that ironwork over President Monroe's grave, the confederate pyramid. Certainly worth a visit for many reasons!

Gretchen said...

Thanks E. And JBR, I did indeed enjoy the views of the James. I could have stayed there staring at the churning water for quite some time if it weren't so chilly!