02 November 2011

that time of year

We are slipping into that time of year where solitude settles over me like a low-lying cloud.  I feel cocooned in the house when I get home from work - kept in by the darkness outside and by the need to snuggle under blankets to stay toasty.  This means earlier bedtimes, lots of hot baths, and finally getting through months of magazines that seem to have collected and multiplied like rabbits during the warmer months.

Food cooked in the kitchen also tends toward the warm and comforting.  Tonight it was baked tofu fries.  Two nights before, leftover sweet potato gnocchi (oh so good).  On tap for the rest of the week and weekend - vegan green bean and mushroom casserole (trial run for Thanksgiving) and a pumpkin pasta (to take to game night on Friday).

My running has definitely become less frequent, although I did get out on Tuesday morning with my new flashing light strapped to my arm (to make me visible at intersections and what-not).  I had a warm vest on that was so great at the beginning of the run, but I had to end up unzipping by the end.  And gloves.  I need to locate the bag that contains my running hat and gloves.  A project for tomorrow.  When I get out from under this blanket.

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