06 November 2011

those little kitties

This morning we set our clocks back an hour and I thought I'd be all productive and get up at my normal time and clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry, etc.  Instead I slept.  And it felt great.  Today I'm heading to visit my 89-year old grandmother and do a little shopping and a little lunch.  Our normal girls-day-out thing.

I did get the couch slipcover washed this week (which is always a bit of a chore).  Of course the minute (no, second) my back was turned after the cover was on, wouldn't you know that one certain black cat was crawling all over it.  She must share my affinity for the smell of freshly-washed linens.  Is there anything better than crawling into clean sheets and coverlets on a bed, for instance?  The simple joys of life, I suppose.

As an extension of our 6-month dating anniversary the beau sent flowers.  Bright, cheerful sunflowers and other fluffy blossoms.  Makes me smile during this dreary time of year.  During the time when I'm not around to see them they get stored in the fridge, though.  Little cat teeth marks started appearing when they stayed out on the table.  (Luckily he knew not to include lilies in the arrangement just for that reason).  I swear, those little kitties drive me crazy!  Wouldn't trade them for the world.


M said...

Awww - pretty flowers! And very bad cats!

L. said...

Beautiful flowers! I have a certain kitty with an affinity for flowers, too, but I never thought of hiding them in the fridge; I'll be borrowing this idea for sure!