14 November 2011

crossing the finish line

I must admit that I love waking up in the mornings to actual light in the sky as opposed to the darkness before the time change. But the driving home in the pitch dark certainly stinks. Makes me want to hunker down and do nothing in the evenings. To that end, the chores that I normally get done and the errands I normally run after work have fallen by the wayside and I am seriously behind. I find that music motivates me during chore time, so have been blasting Duffy (via Spotify) the past couple times to get in a better mood.  I now know what album is going on the Christmas wish-list.

This weekend I actually did run/walk that 8K that I was talking about a while back.  The beau ran it too and then we spent the rest of the morning taking naps.  It was crazy to feel so incredibly productive so early in the morning (the race started at 7am).  Haven't gotten my official time yet, but I think I made my goal and am really happy with myself.  Crossed the finish line in 58:53, which meets my personal goal of finishing within an hour.  Think this might be the first of more races...all because I did my normal run/walk without feeling guilty about the walk part.  Ended up having tons of energy at the end of the course!

While down in Richmond this weekend, we also ate.  We do that very well.  I am really enjoying getting to know Richmond's food scene and enjoy trying new places (well, new to me at least).  Kuba Kuba on Friday night before the race for some vegetarian paella (me), tostones (us), and pork & rice/beans (him).  Sunday we hit up The Black Sheep for brunch and it made me so happy.  I had read about the restaurant in various articles but had never been.  I had minty (spiked) hot chocolate (coffee for the beau) at their outside patio while we were waiting for our table, which was glorious since the weather must have been in the mid-60s!  Then onto a mimosa and a sub of scrambled egg, marinated tofu, daikon and carrot, all with an eggplant "mayonnaise."  The beau got a greyhound and a smoked trout and egg dish.  Oh and we split a serving of corn pudding.  So, so great.  Definitely need a return visit for cocktails and dinner.  And would be perfect for taking out-of-town visitors (warning!).


L. said...

Sounds like a tasty way to spend the day--now I'm really craving a spiked hot chocolate of my own!

T. said...

Out of town visitors like....me??? Congrats on the race!!!

Gretchen said...

L - it was so tasty!

T - I had you in mind when I wrote that ;)