16 November 2011

roasting and decluttering (or man, my life is exciting)

Roasting.  I've been doing a lot of that lately.  The lower coil of my oven busted a while ago and I've not yet told my landlord (lazy).  So when I turn the oven on it takes a while to heat up and even then isn't great for precise baking.  But roasting is no problem.  On Monday I roasted a large can of chickpeas until toasty (with salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast) for snacks; half of a sweet potato cut into "fries" to go with dinner; a tortilla torn into bits to go with my lunchtime soup; and pumpkin seeds that had been languishing in the fridge from pumpkin carving.

I've also been on a decluttering kick.  At least a decluttering of the closet.  In the name of switching over my seasonal clothing, I took the opportunity to purge a huge bag of clothes that I know I'll never wear.  Things that either a) no longer fit; b) never fit right; or c) are incredibly out of style - or at least my style - now.  I've lost a little weight over the past few months and am in a dilemma regarding some of my nicer pants that are now too big.  Donate?  Consign?  Alter?  So those go in a separate pile until I can make up my mind.  I'd love to get to a point where all of my clothes actually fit in my bedroom instead of spilling over into the attic or guest room closet.  We're making progress...slowly.

And that concludes what has to be the most boring post I feel that I've ever written.  Guess mid-November just isn't an exciting time of year.  Although I do have a fun weekend ahead of me, this week is just work, work, work.  Oh, with a trip to the grocery store thrown in there.  I know.  Riveting.


L. said...

That's okay--I often feel as though 90% of my posts are the most boring things every written. But we'll more than make up for it this weekend! :D

T. said...

Not boring, sounds perfect to me! I LOVE decluttering, as you know :-) What does the "nutritional yeast" do to the chickpeas? Is it a necessary ingredient?

Gretchen said...

T - nutritional yeast just gives a little "cheesy" taste. And definitely need to keep the decluttering bug going...!