13 December 2011


A work Christmas party (complete with potluck and bingo) was one of the highlights of the weekend.  And that's pretty sad.  Otherwise, the weekend involved work and work.  This is especially hard during the holiday season when you want to be festive and friendly and all I ended up doing was wanting to take a nap!  But the weekend is over and the week is underway and that gets me closer and closer to Christmas.

I adore Christmas.  Must have been instilled in me by my mother, who always had special decorations and special music and special foods this time of year.  And my great-grandmother, Mom-Mom, who invariably had a big punchbowl of eggnog to sip while she methodically opened wrapped gifts with a letter opener.  In keeping with Mom-Mom's tradition, the grocery store tempted me with Rice Dream rice nog, which we enjoyed with a shot of Maker's Mark and sprinkling of nutmeg on Wednesday night.  Friday night was a hot buttered rum made with Earth Balance and light rum, warming us up as we watched a movie (Up in the Air, by the way).

In addition to getting the tree up and decorated, I also set about putting my growing collection of inherited cut and pressed glass to work.  Holding vintage ornaments (also inherited) and candy canes (not inherited, but definitely old and not for consumption).  Last year's holiday craft - a ribbon-wrapped wreath decorated with cutouts - went up on the living room mirror.  The living room is definitely the most festive room of the little house, although I did try to include touches in the kitchen and bathroom (yes, bathroom!) for good measure.  I have just enough decorations for the house and its four little rooms.  Whenever I move into a new (bigger!) house, I just know I'm going to have a blast decorating for the holidays.  Staircase?  Mantelpiece?  Yes, please!

Here's hoping you all had a nice, warm weekend and are all decorated for the holidays!

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M said...

I'm glad you're finally embracing the Christmastastic-ness!