18 December 2011

burnt snack mix, a cheese ball, and orchid legs

Every year I make a whole bunch of chex mix for the tour guides at work, other coworkers, and the postman.  This year is no exception, although I got a little ambitious and graduated from an official Chex brand recipe to one that my friend Martha recommends.  With an oven that only half works, I'm feeling a little shaky, but how much could I ruin the snack mix?  Aside from burning it I suppose.  Which I've already partly done.  We'll call it Cajun-Chesapeake Bay snack mix this year.

Speaking of my friend Martha, I also made a super-simple cheese ball (also known as Martha's Cheddar Cheese Ball) for a retro-themed holiday party we went to this weekend.  Success.  But I disregarded Martha's instructions to form the mixture into two nut-rolled balls.  Instead:  massive nut-covered ball that was a whole lot more than the guests could eat.  So the next morning we had cheese toast (with cheese ball mix) for breakfast; now the beau has taken it home to do with as he will.  Wish him luck that he makes his way through it before Christmas.

In other news, when working in my home office this past week I examined the orchid that was a takeaway from my friend Cathy's wedding brunch two Mays ago.  It lost its tall stalks a while back and I'd been wondering what would happen, having never grown an orchid before.  I'm guessing all these new little legs are a good thing.  But I'm not sure and so I've got my eye on it - hoping the legs grow up and start blooming, and not creep over and grab me when I'm sitting at my desk diligently working...

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