20 December 2011

crafting: felt star tree topper

Pinterest has been great for giving me ideas for decorating, cooking, or crafting projects.  But type in "tree topper" and not much inspiration pops up.  Sadly.  In years past I've just tied a big ribbon bow on the tip of the little faux tree and called it a day.  But tonight I just bit the bullet and made a felt star tree topper for the heck of it.  Because I own pinking shears and a needle & thread, and by gosh, I know how to use them.
Cutting a star (two layers at one time to make a front and back) luckily wasn't as difficult as a circle.  Man, I am SO bad at cutting circles (right, L.?).  My star ain't pretty, but I like the "homemade" crooked look.  I then took an almost-square of felt (with two pinked edges) and rolled it into cone, running a quick stitch up the seam.

I then sandwiched the two star layers over the cone and stitched away - making sure to attach the star to the cone at the beginning and end.  Just a simple running stitch in the same off-white color as the felt (but it could be done in a contrasting color for a cute effect).

The little faux tree before (left) and after (right):  not a huge difference, but a little more festive (until the perfect tree topper comes my way).


T. said...

I love it!! I NEED a tree topper, but we are still doing the ribbon. Maybe next year!

Gretchen said...

Thanks T. Let me know if you want one of my designer star toppers ;)

JBR said...

Not "'homemade' crooked" -- but handcrafted - thus no 2 alike.