23 December 2011

to-do lists

Yesterday was my last day at work until the new year and I cannot express to you how excited I was for the day to end.  I pushed through the day, kicking butt getting stuff done off my to-do list (that I had outlined with little check boxes, of course, in colorful Sharpie inks).  And then 4:30 hit.  And then 4:32.  And then...  It was so painful - that click, click, click of the clock before 5:00 arrived.  I was pulling out of the parking lot at 5:01 and was at happy hour by 5:57.  Let the holidays begin!

When my friend Elizabeth hosted our latest crafting party this fall/winter, we concentrated on felt crafts.  I had high hopes for this particular ornament and made two versions in lime green (surprise, Mom, guess what you're getting tied to your Christmas package?).  And then I succumbed to my penchant for faux food and made bacon.  The gateway meat.  The beau received one; Elizabeth another.  One of my friends had the idea that I should make an egg to go with my bacon.  I'm sensing a whole series of foodie felt ornaments on my to-do list for next Christmas.

Today I head to see my family and the beau will join me when he gets off work.  This is our first Christmas balancing our two loving families (hi Mom!), which I know can be difficult (especially when we both actually like our families).  My grandmother (mother's mother) is actually joining us for Christmas Eve this year and spending the night at my parents' house, which is a first for her in a long time.  Fingers crossed we all have a great time together.  And I wish all of you, my dear friends, a very merry Christmas too!

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L. said...

Enjoy your Christmas with your beau and your family! :D