27 December 2011

light of the tree

I am always a little sad when December 26 arrives.  Should I take the tree down or wait until New Years?  Can I still play Christmas music in the car?  How long before I have to put away my presents and get back to normal life?  Because I am on vacation this entire week, I plan on keeping the Christmas decorations up so that I can bask in the light of the tree while I laze about on the couch watching movies and eating praline chex mix.

Another thing that I must do this week is clean up the home office.  I work out of the space once a week, but it has gotten to such an embarrassing point that I can't even take a picture that I'm willing to publish.  No matter how cropped or Instagram-ish I make it.  Must purge papers and magazine tearsheets and reorganize before the new year begins.  Plus, I have a new desk chair to introduce to the room, so I must admit that is part of the push as well.

The holiday celebration with was lovely, albeit a bit hectic - trying to see both our families in the span of a day was a little tiring, but successful.  While up with my family, I had dinner in Frederick (Maryland) and got to see the solar-powered Christmas tree outside of City Hall.  It was a pretty night - a chill in the air and the lights all shimmery in the city.  And although my grandmother ended up not making it up to Maryland for the holiday, we had a lovely time - hanging out with my parents and brother and sister-in-law, eating good food, and drinking lots of wine.  Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas too.


L. said...

I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas with your family and your beau--it can be rather difficult trying to juggle everyone at the same time but it sounds like you did it with aplomb! Enjoy the glow of your Christmas decorations and your vacation!

M said...

Oh, sorry grandma didn't make it up! Everything okay? And a new desk chair, huh?

Gretchen said...

Thanks, L! And M - Grandma was just shaky and is a-ok. Yes, a beautiful new chair :)

Anonymous said...

12 days of Christmas darling! Keep it up . . . KDM