29 December 2011


I woke up this morning to a frosty glitter covering the ground, crunching under my flip-flops as I moved the recycling bin to the curb.  (Yes, flip-flops; I wasn't outside more than one minute.)  And although we haven't had snow like I see in so many friends' pictures from the Midwest or West, a little frost is enough Winter for me (for now at least).

Yesterday I enjoyed the sunshine by getting out for a run/walk for the first time since the holidays set in.  My lungs ached a bit from the cold weather (and getting over a little bit of a sniffle), but being outside felt so good.  Otherwise I've been holed up listening to Duffy and She & Him and catching up on magazines and the second season of Downton Abbey (the Christmas special was oh so good!).

This weekend we plan on getting outside for some park time, enjoying brunch with friends, and dancing at a New Years Eve prom.  So, happy early New Year to all.  Stay safe and have fun!


L. said...

Please let there be photos taken this weekend! I need to live vicariously through your New Year's adventures!

A. said...

I thought season 2 of Downton Abbey started January 8th - am I missing the season already?! I was just telling Mark yesterday that I'm excited to watch it!

Gretchen said...

L - I'll try to get at least a few pictures :)
A - You can find season 2 online, but you are right that it doesn't air in the US until January 8. I'll be watching then too!