03 February 2012



I've been extremely productive at work this week, simply plugging away at my massive to-do pile on the desk.  There's still stacks to tackle, but progress is progress.  (Can you sense that I'm patting myself on the back?)  Yesterday, at my work-from-home day it was raining in the morning, but cleared up by lunchtime so that I could take a quick run/walk and a quick peek around the yard.  The hyacinths, irises, and other bulbs planted along the side of the house are starting to pop up from the ground.  And the hellebores, ah the hellebores, are out in profusion.  The white ones are particularly charming.

Gracie came home with three less teeth on Wednesday evening.  Poor girl took a while to get her sea legs back when she got out of her carrier and tipped over more than once.  I didn't laugh.  Much.  But now she's back to her old self aside from running in horror when she sees her twice-daily medicine bottle being pulled out of the fridge.  Mixing it with wet food is a no-go, so wish me luck as this girl tries to lovingly coax her calico to open wide...

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L. said...

Aw, poor Gracie! I hope she gets her sea legs back soon! (And I'm so jealous of your spring garden!)