08 February 2012


My, my, time flies when you're having fun.  I've been work-work-working (had to work Sunday in addition to my normal days), so what did we do on my one day off this weekend?  We looked at old stuff (like I don't get enough of that as a museum curator, yet it was totally my idea).  The Fredericksburg Big Flea was going on this weekend and we spent a good part of Saturday trolling the aisles for deals and just having fun looking at all the goodies.  And I bought nothing except the tickets to get in.  I was slightly disappointed with the a)selection - way too much refinished furniture and b)price - I do know what things should go for, and some of these definitely weren't bargains.

Oh, but we ate too.  Yes, my life has a theme of eating, working, and looking/taking pictures of nature.  Simple life, simple loves.  But back to the eating:  Wegman's Seafood Bar.  Amazing baked spiced tofu with fresh green beans, a big glass of red wine, and we split some pretty delish bread pudding for dessert.  Yes, good food at a grocery store.  I don't know why I'm so surprised.

This twisty tree I spotted on my work patrol on Sunday and it spoke to me.  Pictures of that tree and a few crocuses popping up along the visitor path are all that have littered my camera lately.  Oh, and pictures of some desserts that I baked (yes, baked now that I have a functioning oven) for dinner with the beau tonight.  But more on that later.  If the dessert turned out...


M said...

Took my mom to the Big Flea on Sunday...you're not going to believe what I bought (its a disease, I say - a disease!). Glad to hear your stove is fixed!

L. said...

I will have to live vicariously through your shopping adventures, successful or not--we just don't have anything like that here in Texas!