28 March 2012

great start

Saturday, the morning of my 35th birthday, began slowly.  A misty, damp walk to the farmers' market in hopes that some springtime asparagus or peas or lettuces were making their way to the stalls.  Disappointment at the turnout of vendors - no fresh vegetables to be had despite mild temperatures over the winter.  Am guessing the farmers are waiting for a little later in the spring to start coming to market.

But there were fresh tulips.  And a sweet boy in a button-down to buy them for me.

And then there was homemade peanut butter banana bread pudding.  And fresh coffee.  And an opening of gifts.  So much warmth, so much love.  A great start to a wonderful birthday.

1 comment:

Janet said...

Happy, happy birthday! Sounds like the sweetest of days!