23 March 2012

day off?

Birthday day off of work so far:
~ Awoke at the crack of dawn.  Correction, before the crack of dawn.  Namely 5:30am.  Was able to doze with various cats jumping on and off of me until 7:00am.
~ Enjoyed coffee and toast and HGTV programming.
~ Swept the kitchen floor.
~ Stripped the bed and started laundry (hi, Gracie).

~ Moved the recipe box from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table as motivation to finally go through my stacks of Everyday Food to pull recipes of interest and recycle the rest.

Other things on the list for today:
~ Mow the lawn.  Backyard-neighbor Steve mowed his yesterday.  My turn.
~ Run errands, especially to the DMV to get my license renewed (expires tomorrow and requires a new picture - eek!).
~ Accept delivery of cupcakes from The Cake Spot (a Groupon gift from the beau a while ago that I've timed perfectly for my birthday, i.e. it expired this week).

A "day off" for my birthday isn't shaping up exactly as I imagined (manicure?), but the weather is beautiful and I am balancing the housework with enough lazy time to make me pretty happy.  Plus, I mentioned the cupcake delivery, right?

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