22 March 2012

per usual

I've been running the roads, per usual this past week:   A friend's baby shower; St. Patrick's Day carousing; and three days at a work conference about 18th-century alcohol (yes, this is my job).  On Sunday we ventured up to Alexandria, Virginia to meet up with my cousin, his wife, and their son for a brunch with Grandma and the rest of my family.  We were ten people sharing good food and brushing cat hair off our butts (poor Jessica and Amy and their allergies).  Good times, but too short a visit.

Tomorrow I've taken the day off of work in celebration of my 35th birthday.  I always take my birthday off, but because it falls on a Saturday this year, I figured Friday would work too.  The highlight:  opening night viewing of The Hunger Games with the beau and some friends.  And who knows what else I'll get myself into...

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Frau S said...

Well happy birthday in advance! I can't wait to see the Hunger Games. Hope you enjoy it!