15 March 2012



Spring cleaning the fridge & freezer.  That's my goal right now.  As in, using up all the random veggies and other things clogging up the shelves and crammed into the depths of the freezer.  Monday night was marinated Smoky Grilled (well, broiled) Tempeh from Veganomicon paired with roasted (frozen) green beans and Daiya mozzarella cheese-topped toast.  Last night made use of some leftover canned pumpkin in Pasta with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce from this can't be Vegan with even more pasta (pumpkin is a veggie, right?).  Tomorrow will likely be homemade pizza dough (flour overload in the freezer) topped with a sauce made from the half-a-can of diced tomatoes sitting on the fridge shelf and leftover container of organic mushrooms in the crisper.

I'm cooking for one this week, so have the luxury of totally bombing.  Not that he cares, but I feel a certain amount of pressure to produce edible results when cooking for two.  Me, I'll eat just about anything.  Especially if there are no witnesses.

Next up:  three half-empty jars of salsa.  Any ideas?


M said...

Have friends over for chips and salsa...

Einat said...

I'm loving this spring cleaning concept! I like to add salsa to my guacamole (I know, not terribly creative).