14 March 2012

fresh air

I recently had a work trip to New Bern, North Carolina and here you see the view from my hotel room in the early morning before I headed out for a quick run along the river pathway.  I'd love to know someone who owns a boat one of these days.  Or at least live on the water.  A girl can dream...

I'm wearing cropped linen pants today.  It reached 80 degrees yesterday.  I'd be in flip-flops if my toes weren't a royal wintertime mess.  I am so unbearably happy that springtime (well, early summer) weather has arrived.  I only wish I was outside today instead of stuck at my desk working on blog posts (for work), Facebook posts (for work), and preparing for being out of the office yet again.  Come 5 o'clock I'm outta here - heading home and throwing on my running shoes and getting some fresh air!

As a follow-up from my last post, my grandmother is safely home from the hospital with the diagnosis of congestive heart failure.  Luckily it did not require surgery and she now has twice-daily heart medication.  A housekeeper, laundry service, and a nurse to check in on my grandmother have been lined up and we just hope that she can stay safely independent.  We're also gearing up for her 90th birthday - hopefully a family reunion of sorts with the cousins and their kids.   It's been way too long since we've all been together.  Sadly these sorts of reunions seem to center on funerals, so it would be oh so nice to get together to celebrate!


JBR said...

Good to hear great news of your grandmother. May she stay safely independent a long time (a big deal here at Institute on Aging). Isn't New Bern wonderful?

Gretchen said...

We were there for a work visit to Tryon Palace and the NC History Center. Only one restaurant in town was tried. I definitely need to go back!