24 April 2012


~ Black cats are relatively difficult to photograph.  That's why I seem to have less photos of Colette versus Gracie (a colorful calico).  When I worked from home last week Colette kept me company by napping on the bed in the guest room office.  Curled up on a hot pink throw crocheted by my Mom-Mom and still one of my favorite blankets to snuggle with.  Colette agrees.

~ This weekend I invested in three bundles of fresh, local, organic asparagus from the Lakeside Farmers' Market.  The thin spear kind.  Which means I invested in happy.  Roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt happy.

~ I am giving a special tour at work for our Board meeting on Saturday and I might miss my second ballet class.  Am a little sad but am still so achy from last Saturday that I'm also slightly relieved.

~ The peonies and poppies in the garden are about to burst.  In April.  This is way too early and I fear that by the time summer comes around my garden will have tumbleweeds rolling through.  Of course I may not be in my house by the summer (fingers crossed), so it may not matter.  Although I hope to take many of my favorite plants with me.  And am also wondering how in the heck I'm going to move my Earth Machine compost bin.  Can I pack half-decayed veggies and leaves or do I just start over?  A dilemma.

Happy Tuesday everyone.  And happy one-month-engaged day to the beau and me!

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