01 May 2012

one year ago

May Day is here and it was one year ago today that the beau and I first met on a blind date that had been long in the works due to our mutual friends Cathy and Jen.  We are so thankful for those girls and the random urge they had to set us up!  We became Facebook friends before the date and when we finally met up at an arts festival at the Carillon, I gave him a hug (as I'm a 'hugger'), which I think may have freaked him out a tad.  But darn, it just clicked and I think we both knew.  I remember telling my friend Elizabeth that I was smitten.  And I still am.  I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this boy.

And how are we celebrating?  By stuffing our faces and going shopping!  I think tonight we are doing dinner and a little registry browsing.  Although I have a pretty good household set-up, we do need flatware and basic dishes/glasses.  We both love to cook and I have a feeling we'll need dinner party supplies once we move into a house that can hold a dinner party.

In garden news, the huge oriental poppies in the back garden have 'popped' and the purple & yellow irises are blooming.  I need some quiet time this weekend to mow and weed and tend to the garden.  And Cathy gave me some homemade Pimm's, so maybe I'll enjoy a little cocktail out there when I'm through.


L. said...

I can't believe it's only been a year since you two met--I feel like you've been together forever because you're such a good match! :D

Janet said...

Oh, have fun! Happy May Day.