04 May 2012

deep breath

I do believe summertime has arrived in Virginia.  At last.  Of course it has arrived at the exact time that I have realized my car's air conditioning system did not survive the winter.  I'm sure that's a cheap problem to fix (sigh).  So, I'll revel in the warmth and humidity for now and just be glad that I can truly pack away the sweatshirts and slippers.

Although we don't have any serious decisions made, we know that I am moving out of my little two bedroom house.  At least I assume I am (and he's not moving in).  Pending finding another place to live, of course.  I am pretty proud of myself in my handling of all the uncertainty right now.  My coworker Judy insists that this time in your life (you know, pre-wedding and pre-marriage) is exciting and fun.  Exciting, for sure, and I'm trying to stay zen and have faith that it will all work out in the end.  No matter what little decisions we have to make along the way.

To that effect, I took a bit of a lingering worktime-walk this afternoon near the historic house.  Granted, I was in the house to get a task done, but I took my time and walked across the freshly-cut grass of the lawn and just soaked in the warmth.  Deep breath.


M said...

"Everything will be okay in the end, and if its not okay, then its clearly not the end." I think I've said this about 20 times in the last few weeks. Hang in there! Just think how boring it will be when all of this stuff is all figured out :)

Janet said...

Wherever you end up, together, will be home. And it will be wonderful. Uncertainty is always nerve-wracking however (I feel your pain there!!!). Just focus on what you can do now, and revel in the frivilous details for a bit. The rest, Time will take care of that.