19 May 2012

just a touch

One of the quirky things about my little 1940s/50s rental house is this massive floor grate smack dab in the middle of the house.  Beneath it is a behemoth of a gas-powered heater.  And even when the heat is not running, the pilot light gives off just a touch of warmth.  In the summer months I sometimes place a washable IKEA rug over the grate, which protects bare feet from the metal bars, but also provides a perfect haven for the cats.  They take turns spreading themselves over the grate and napping through the day.  Kind of like finding a shifting spot of sunshine, but with a lot less work.

When we move, I will miss a few things about my little rental house.  The floor grate  and its imperfect heating isn't one of them.  But I'm betting the cats will have a different opinion.

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