21 July 2012

pretty stamps and the promise of new pens

I am sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and have the backdoor open, listening to the rain falling gently outside.  Our heatwave has subsided a bit, although it is still muggy and the window units are running in the other rooms.  I know it may be a waste of energy, but girl's gotta find her little joys where she can.

I've been having bridal showers and receiving surprise packages from the UPS and postal service guys.  One just came yesterday that I'm waiting to open when the beau arrives this morning.  Hard to not open packages, but I'm trying to be good.  I did shake it a bit already.  That also means the writing of thank you notes, where I am absolutely behind already.  But I restocked the pretty stamp stash yesterday and we are going to Paper Source today so I can score fun envelopes for the invites and new pens, well, just because.

We are also seeing Grandma this weekend.  The first time since she moved at the end of June.  It is a little strange going so long between seeing her - I am normally visiting every other weekend, but with her move we've decided every month is more manageable.  I talked to her on the phone, though, and while it seems like she has her bad days (and my mother normally bears the brunt of that), she mentioned to me that the food is so good she hasn't needed Tums since she got there.  If that's not a vote for 'yes' I don't know what is!

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