12 July 2012

napkin rings and a mayonnaise bowl

Grandma has officially moved into an assisted living facility near my brother, sister-in-law, and parents.  She's not happy about it this week, but last week she was doing okay so the hope is that it is just adjustment jitters.  Much like how I got a little homesick my first week at college, living in a small corner of a room shared with three (turned out to be wonderful) girls.  Assisted living is like college in some ways - meals are designated at set times like a college cafeteria, and you have "classes" you should attend (but don't have to) in the form of planned social functions.  But I know this is a huge transition for a 90-year-old woman with a very independent spirit.  So keep your fingers crossed for Grandma that she settles in and feels at home very soon.

Preparing for the move, the beau and I helped my parents pack up and clean out a bunch of stuff from Grandma's house.  These "P" napkin rings (my new married initial) came home with me.  She particularly wanted me to have her wedding crystal, and so I packed it carefully and have already been trolling eBay and Replacements for pieces to fill in the set (just bought a mayonnaise bowl off eBay since Grandma had the stand and ladle, but not the bowl anymore).  I've also added some pieces of crystal to the wedding registry, although I know getting fancy crystal glasses for our wedding isn't the most practical thing to do.

P.S.  Didn't my grandmother get married in a more refined time?  I mean, a mayonnaise bowl, ladle, and stand was part of her crystal service.  Really?!

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Frau S said...

I sometimes wish there was assisted living for people in their 30s. I would like to take classes and have my meals made for me.

Lovely service!