16 August 2012

a closet we can actually use


One step forward at a time.  One thing crossed off the list and on to the next.  Slow and steady.  That's how I'm working it, this whole de-cluttering thing.  Bags of clothing and household goods to Goodwill.  Boxes of dishes and clothing up to the attic.  Some things are good enough for the trash.  And you know what?  I'm making progress.  The beau was over last night dropping off some essentials (his liquor, wine, and bar set) and I was so proud to show him all I've accomplished.  I am not sure he was as impressed as he should have been.  Or maybe I'd really been hiding full extent of the mess just a little bit from him.

When I added the side table to his side of the bed I knew we had issues.  As in 'can't open the closet door more than six inches' issues.  And so I added "remove closet door off the hinges" to his to-do list on Astrid (love that thing) and he had it done a week later.  Used a small tension rod I inherited when I moved in, added a shower curtain from Target (on sale), and now we have a closet we can actually use.  Not perfect (the shower curtain is too short for the opening and the doorhinge gaps are a little unsightly), but it will work.

And that is the key for me right now.  Getting it done so that it is good enough.  Hard to not be "perfect" for a perfectionist like me, but I need to prioritize and realize that just getting through the list is as close to perfect as I really need.  Especially when I have so many other things on my list to come...

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I love the fabric!