21 September 2012

thinking back

Autumn officially starts tomorrow and so I've been thinking back on the summer that we've had.  Boy, I wouldn't say that it was boring.
~ We made wedding decisions and sent out invitations for our September 29 wedding (right around the corner!)
~ We had a beach vacation with my family and a trip to Staunton, Virginia for the beau's birthday
~ We moved in together and began negotiating the whole co-habitating thing (schedules, cleaning, cooking, etc.)
~ We survived some family drama, like my grandmother's health complications and move to assisted living, as well as some other things
~ We enjoyed our respective bachelor and bachelorette events with our good friends

And now we are heading into a new season and a whole new set of experiences:  newlywed life.

But before that happens we have some good friends getting married this weekend (one of our matchmakers, to be exact) and so we are looking forward to a weekend of fun.  It is a potluck wedding in Eastern Virginia and I'm making my friend Christine's Chickpeas with Couscous to take along.

Have a great weekend everyone!


A. said...

Gosh, can't believe your big day is coming up so soon! Have a lovely time, can't wait to see pictures!

L. said...

Sounds like quite the summer, but I know this fall will be fabulous!

Christine said...

Yay for Chickpeas with Couscous! Haven't made that in soooooo long. I got the recipe from my sister - I love when recipes travel like that :)