08 September 2012

crowder peas and time to myself

For the first time in quite some time I have a weekend mostly to myself to do with as I see fit.  The beau works both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so we'll have breakfast and dinner together, but otherwise I'm on my own.  And aside from running errands and cleaning the house, I have absolutely nothing planned.  This morning I ventured out in the heat to the farmers' market and stocked up on farm eggs, crowder peas, green beans, and some tomatoes (that I've set on the windowsill to ripen a bit more).  This past week we had a meal of crowder peas on cornbread that was very tasty.  So I truly stocked up this week around and we may have enough to freeze for later in the year.

Note to self: plant crowder peas next year.

We both took off and spent much of yesterday doing wedding stuff:  going over shot lists and venues with the photographer, doing a walk-through with the caterer and site coordinator, and buying 14 tabletop frames at Ikea for the food descriptions, favors, guestbook, etc. at the wedding reception.  The frames seem to be a favorite with many for weddings (I've seen them all over Pinterest), but at $0.99 a pop they are a trend worth embracing.

Ikea can be a bit dangerous, but we limited our purchases to just the frames and a new pendant lamp for over the dining table.  Now that night-dining is the norm, we discovered we needed just a tad more light.  The new lamp had to be something we could easily install at a rental (i.e. not hard-wired) and wouldn't overwhelm our little table.  I would have normally gone for a black or a white option, but the beau pointed out the aluminum version of this lamp, so we'll see how it goes.

Now, I have whole wheat bread baking in the bread machine and then I'll head out and run some errands.  Might fit in a little reading this afternoon.  From an actual book.  I'm kind of excited.

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