01 September 2012

winning the girls over

The house seriously looks like a bomb has gone off and my parents are coming to visit this weekend.  And staying in a hotel.  But all in all the co-habitating thing is going a-okay.  (The beau may answer differently.)  We've been eating dinner together every night when he gets home, often with me having a glass of wine while I cook.  Won't be good for my waistline in the long run, but we have so much red wine in the wine rack, that really I'm doing our household a service.

And on a side note related to my last post about this week's menu, make the lentil walnut loaf.  It is so good.  I'm drooling thinking about the leftover slice in the fridge right now.

In the world of cats, Gracie and Colette are doing fine adjusting to another person in the house full-time.  They are especially happy because the beau now knows their feeding schedule, plus when we moved my dresser over to make room for his, we found all their Rosie Rat toys.  We know how to win the girls over...

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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Nikki @ The Tolerant Vegan said...

My cats love to hang out in the bathtub, too! I have to look into those Rosie Rats. I have a feeling that one kitty in particular will go nuts over them.