28 November 2012

growing: house plants (in november)

I almost have paperwhites blooming.  Just in time for the doldrums of winter to set in.  Our little house does not have the best light for growing plants, so I am always pleasantly surprised when some botanical experiments actually work.  The paperwhites were a gift from my mother-in-law and they are sitting on our coffee table in the living room (north and east exposure - blah).  But the low light seems to please them just fine for now.

The begonia in the kitchen, on the other hand, is faring far worse.  I think she needs a little trimming to get back her bushy figure.  The old gal is getting a tad leggy (east exposure there).  But apparently begonias can do just fine with low light, so maybe I just need to find her a better spot so that she's not all lopsided.

And the orchid, oh the orchid, in the office (gloomy north exposure only) needs some repotting.  Major repotting.  She came home with me from a friend's wedding back in 2010 (maybe?) and has been doing pretty well, but now is producing all runners/roots and no blooms.  Once I get my act together, I'll be following the great directions on Plantgasm on repotting orchids (and by the way, I love that site name).

Needless to say, my green thumb is itching just a bit.  I'm making note that when we move that I need some southern exposure windows for some serious house plant love!


JBR said...

Another great post. Great news about NY Times article. So hope all's going well for you.

Gretchen said...

Thanks JBR. Yes, the article was good press (although I have some issues with some of the details)... All is well and hope the same for you!