02 July 2008

The great white whale captured

So, you may remember that I previously posted about searching for a 30-inch wide chest of drawers to fit in this particular space in my hallway in my cute little house. Well, I've found it. Okay, so it's not actually a chest of drawers. But it'll be perfect.

I've started scraping off the modern white latex paint that the dealer had slopped on the cabinet. I've also purchased ivory glossy paint that seems to match the original paint layer. Right now the cabinet is out on my back stoop awaiting the next task. Add this to my to-do list...


Theresa said...

Do you have photos of it without the tarp? I am actually looking for something for my kitchen as well..some kind of old chest of drawers for extra storage and BIT more character than the current microwave cart from Sears that's there right now.

G. said...

What vintage Sears cart?! :)

Sadly I don't have pictures without the tarp right now. It's a 65 inch high cabinet that must have been used as a dining room hutch/china cabinet. It has two doors on the bottom with shelves; topped by two drawers, one of which has utensil dividers; and two doors with glass on top with shelves. It's really a piece of junk; likely from the 1930s or 40s, but fits well with my house. I'll take pictures soon!