08 September 2008


Well, Hanna came and went without much more than a whole lotta rain and some pretty strong gusts of wind. I have a fear of the tree in my front yard coming down during one of these storms, but just a few small branches this time.

I waited out the bad weather by doing fun things like screwing the doors back on my new cabinet; cleaning the kitchen and rearranging to make for more counter space (this situation being helped by the influx of new storage space in said new cabinet); making a trek to the farmer's market to pick up my CSA bag on Sunday morning (thanks to a phone call from Cindy at Cub Creek to give me the heads-up that they'd be there); watching lots of movies (hello Colin Farrell in 'The Recruit'!); and scouring the web for new recipes.

How did I miss this wonderful site before?! It's like it was written for me. They even have info on how to cook one of my mystery vegetables - salsify. I didn't get the actual cooking done this weekend, but promise to make something new and fun this week (oh, and charge the battery for my camera too!).
Image courtesy apartmenttherapy.com

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Theresa said...

This sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad the storm was not too bad where you are. Here, it was just rain, mostly overnight on Saturday night. I was kind of disappointed, I really wanted to "hunker down" and do nothing but watch movies and listen to the rain. I cleaned instead. Boo. :-)