12 September 2008

Story time

Audio books. I never really thought I'd be into them. A friend of mine had given me 'Zorro' to borrow for a long road trip, but I must admit I never gave it a try. But, I've lately been feeling bored on my commute home in the afternoons and thought an audio book might be a good way to pass the time.

So I turned to my local library (which I seem to always forget about!) and picked up a book I've been meaning to read anyway (and which I'll leave to my friend Theresa to review for us). My first trial was last night's drive home, and while my mind did wander now and then I really enjoyed having someone read me a book. It's kind of like a throw-back to story time in nursery school. Guess I just need to remember to pack the milk and cookies next time.

Any recommendations out there for other great audio books?

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