19 September 2008


I know I promised in my last post or so to actually try some adventurous cooking and I must say all things I've tried lately have been a bust. I've been all thumbs in the cooking department this past week and I must blame this peculiarity for my lack of posting. I did since last writing, however, have a blast at a bluegrass concert featuring my friend Cassie's uncle; visited with Grandma; stocked up at the farmer's market again (and am very excited to hear mushrooms are coming this weekend!); and all-in-all just did my normal thing. Very unblogworthy in many ways.

I did, however, charge up my digital camera and wanted to present to the world my cute little cabinet that I've painted back to its original ivory color and filled with cake pedestals, Mom-mom's depression glass, and all manner of fun cookbook and kitcheny things. It's still a beat-up kind of bugger and my paint job isn't the best, but it's functional with a little bit of whimsy thrown in (I love the original black edging on the glass doors). And let's be realistic anyway, I live a shabby chic life so this fits right in among the other hand-me-downs scattered about. This also gives me more room on my counter and I'm enjoying spreading out while cooking instead of working on the front six inches of counter space.


Theresa said...

It looks great! Not sure you can classify it as "little" however :-) I need to find something like that for our kitchen (shorter, much shorter, same sort of width).

I hear you on the lack of blogging. My heart just hasn't been in it lately. But, today was a good day, so I am feeling a bit more bloggariffic.

G. said...

Yes, I guess it's not super-little, but I needed something with some storage heft to it. Living is such a little house makes me more apt to try to hide the clutter behind closed doors ;)

Bloggariffic. Love it.

miss bess said...

It seems we share the same brain. I have a similar cupboard in my dining room that houses my gram's dishes, my bar glassware and a few oddities, including cookbooks. I repainted it back to the original white with black detailing, however, mine doesn't have the black on the glass panes. And I'm jealous!! : )