11 October 2008


Well, I've cooked my first sweet potato of the season. I roasted sweet potato fries along with the last of summer's green beans for dinner one night this week. It's official in my book - fall has arrived. Now that my food has made the leap, that means this weekend I should also transition my clothing - pull out the wool sweaters that I'll soon be needing and pack up the tank tops that sadly (sniff) just won't cut it anymore.

Off to the farmer's market this morning. This will be one of the last weekends the market is still teeming with tons of vendors and shoppers. I love this time of year, but I do hate that hibernation is right around the corner. No more late evening runs around the neighborhood. No more working in the garden in the early morning. Darkness is beginning to descend and soon I'll just be holed up in my house reading on the couch with my blanket and a cup of hot chocolate - hey, that doesn't sound so bad.

Next year I need to be better about buying vegetables and fruit in bulk during the season and freezing it for the long winter months. I have some corn in the freezer and some applesauce, but other than that am wholly unprepared. I guess I'll have to continue to succumb to buying frozen grocery store veggies this time around. I'll see what offerings are out this morning and maybe I can mend my ways in some small measure. We'll see...

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L. said...

It was so good seeing you today! I'm glad you enjoyed our "surprise" visit. :)