04 May 2009

Gray & green

Well, most of the weekend was gray and drizzling here in the Fredericksburg area, but that didn't stop me and my quest for a little fun outing to Richmond with some friends. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was already hopping when we got there - the plant sale booths were teeming with unusual and common varieties alike to tempt us. Total green overload everywhere you looked.

I am currently waiting for our rain to stop so I can plant my new 'Miss Kim' lilac (so excited - love the smell of lilacs; this variety stays smaller and bush-like); strawberry begonias (they have trailers like strawberry plants that grow new little plants - beware if you have a birthday or other occasion, live nearby, and I need a ready-made gift!); basil for my herb garden; a woodland poppy for my mother who lives in the woods; and an eggplant (white) and zucchini plant for my new vegetable patch. Whew!


Anonymous said...

Fun purchases! Looking forward to seeing the recipes coming out of the veggie garden!

M said...

Were you taking pictures on Saturday?? I didn't even notice!