02 September 2009

The curator's diet

Lately I've been finding myself needing to eat lunch at my desk. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but working in a museum environment, we're actually not allowed to have food in our work areas (crumbs attract pests!). So while my fresh produce languishes at home, I drink my lunch. Anyone have any good veggie smoothie recipes I can try?!


Anonymous said...

So, the thing about juicing veggies is that they lose a lot of their nutritional value seconds after being juiced. But when I juice veggies, I throw in an apple into the juicer and it makes the whole thing sweet enough to drink.

You should also consider making Gazpacho with a bunch of your veggies!

Anonymous said...

Lime. Tonic. Gin. Ice. KDM

John R said...

Tomato juice. Worcestshire. Celery salt - and celery stalk. Hot sauce (made from peppers!). Vodka. Other ingredients to taste.