26 September 2009


Wow, what a busy week I've had. Okay, nothing too exciting. Just away for a conference on historic furnishing textiles (bedhangings, carpets, window curtains) and now back and getting ready for a) our board meeting in less than a month and b) my group yard sale this next weekend.

I planted the arugula and red leaf lettuce plantlings and have been watering them and keeping my fingers crossed that they take. I harvested some of the compost (!) from my bin and mixed that into the dirt. Oh how I love arugula. Next year I might try to get my act together and do this from seeds myself. But for $1 per plantling, guess I might not too. I don't really have the room for a whole seed packet of lettuce and arugula. Well, something to think about.

Little fall pumpkins and gourds are all over the farmers' market. They are one of my favorite things about fall. The smaller and cuter the better. Perfect for grouping together on a cake stand with some fall leaves for a centerpiece. I've yet to buy a BIG pumpkin, though, as last year it was stolen off my porch and I don't want to tempt fate this early in the fall season.

I put on a long-sleeved t-shirt to go to the market this morning. Of course I wore it with my capri yoga pants and flip-flops, but it still felt very fall-ish. I've put a heavier coverlet on my bed too. Pretty soon I'll be wearing a coat and this whole fall thing will be in full force.

My plans were very ambitious this weekend, but things have popped up that mean I'll be out of the house for most of the time. I'm taking two days off work next week (well, comp time for other days worked, so not really 'days off') and besides attending a certain concert in Charlottesville will also a) clean my house, b) paint my living room pink, and c) clean my house. I might throw in a run out to the dump to get more mulch too. Very glamorous plans!


Anonymous said...

I am fully admitting my woeful ignorance here... There is a conference dedicated to historic furnishing textiles? I'm glad you included a parenthetical explanation. BUT I love arugula and teeny gourds too!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Flip flops? I've had to retire my unfortunately. What concert?

Anonymous said...

I think arugula will be one of the first things I plant, too! So excited that your composter is finally putting out. :)

I'm really excited for pumpkin season. Funnel cakes. Pancakes. Baby food!