30 December 2009

coming home

Back to reality. Well, not quite yet I guess. But back home at least and ready to get my gifts unpacked, thank you notes written, and laundry done. After six days away, I must admit that it is good to be back home. Although I do miss the coffee being hot and ready in the mornings without having to lift a finger. And I got to see some old friends while I was visiting as well. Always a joy.

I love the architecture and landscape of the rolling hills around Frederick, Maryland where I grew up. The grain elevators, the open fields, the old stone farmhouses and bank barns. Beautiful lush landscapes alongside industrial buildings. Aesthetically inspiring.


A. said...

Next time you visit your parents we should have lunch. Maybe at Volt - I haven't been yet. Happy New Year!

PenelopeLovesLists said...

I just noticed you're reading "The Historian". I loved that book!