02 January 2010

200: baking bread and revisiting posts of the past

This is my 200th post. It seems as though it should be mentioned, although the post itself seems anticlimactic in topic. I have no deep thoughts to share, but I will say that I spent some time today looking through my posts of the past and found old friends along the way - recipes I promised to make over and over again, snapshots of my garden in its infancy, and glimpses of my daily life that are mundane yet delightful to revisit.

Some favorites:
~ my very first post fresh from a trip to visit a good friend and so eager in wanting to turn over a new leaf.
~ my discovering new goodies through the farmers' market and recording my trials (and errors) with things like chicken of the woods (eek!).
~ the pictures of my very first hydrangea blossom and the bouquet I made from my very own backyard. nothing like a little gardening kick in the middle of winter.
~ the account of the first time I made curly kale casserole where I bumbled it a bit (I now have it perfected).

Today I 'celebrated' by watching episode upon episode of The Tudors and baking bread. The smell still lingers (sigh). Lesson learned on my latest loaf of bread (which must be around my 15th or so with the adopted Oster) - make sure you don't pack the flour as you measure. Cooking 101, I know, but I was extra careful today and the bread was the best yet. Surefire flour is still the same - Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat. Guess some things I got right from the start.


Helen said...

I got my first disc of Tudors Season 3 today. Nothing like a little mostly historically acurate porn. I've been waiting forever for this season to come to Netflix.
I'm so impressed that you are up to 200. Congrats! I'm just about to hit 100!

PenelopeLovesLists said...

Congrats on 200 posts! That's a lot of work, and hopefully, some good fun, too.

Here's to 200 more!