23 January 2010

letter writing and doves cooing

I love the early mornings on the weekends - no place to rush off to and the streets are quiet. As I sit at my desk I hear the gentle cooing of doves. This sound used to drive me and my roommate crazy when we lived in our little apartment in Washington, D.C. and they would roost right outside our bedroom window. But now I find it soothing.

The other plus side to organizing the stationary in the office (besides the pure joy of organizing) is that I now can find and use the varied stationary quite easily. This morning I chose to pull out hand-laid botanical writing paper. In the box I discovered some full sheets that might be beautiful framed. What a nice surprise.


Mommy, Esq. said...

I swear they weren't doves - rats with wings? Remember the squirrels that tried to get into the apartment because our landlord removed the screens and I complained and almost got evicted? Good times!

Helen said...

I'm more with Kristin- I'm not a fan when they are awake at twilight and I am not. My teaching partner has to teach a Science unit on Sound using bird calls- I hear them through the wall and it almost puts me over the edge for weeks:)

M said...

Okay, nothing to do with doves, but I just noticed that you've progressed to the last Harry Potter book. Seriously, I would consider not listening to it on your way to work - major tear-jerker!