25 March 2010

growing: tiny, precious pentas

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. Thank you for all the well wishes. Although I had to work, some girlfriends and I went to dinner (belatedly celebrating M.'s March birthday as well) and then to a movie - Alice in Wonderland (in 3-D no less). A fun end to a beautiful day.

The truck just picked up my recycling and am I so thankful. I had a pile of paper recycling that was taking over my living room and was very happy to see it go. I have a little canvas bin that sits under the armchair right when you walk into the living room, but when the bin gets full, then it just looks like I have rubbish laying about. Not pretty. Luckily the plastic/glass can live outside so I don't have to deal with that too in my tiny, tiny house.

Must do a little grocery shopping tonight to prepare for our weekend of fun. My parents don't require much, but coffee is a must-have and so I must go stock up. And then come home and tidy up a bit. But my mother is bringing me a birthday cake, so that'll make up for any housework/shopping I have to do! Yum.

In the garden, the pentas are coming back. They got a little squished during the heavy snow, but the small white flowers are spreading and I may need to pluck a little vaseful to bring inside and enjoy this weekend.


Janet said...

Glad to hear it was a happy, happy one (even if you did have work)! Steve Stuart and I thought of you last night!!!

L. said...

I can't believe I missed your birthday--I had written a note to myself and everything. We shall have to celebrate belatedly!

Gretchen said...

J - I got Steve's message. I assume you all saw Keith last night too? I followed the link for Evergreen. How fun!

L - No worries. Hope to see you soon!