13 May 2010

just sitting here

The dryer and washer are both whirling away right now as I try to catch up on piles of laundry during my work-from-home day. Love being able to do chores as I work. I think in a little bit I'll set out the sprinkler for the front flower beds. Even though we had rain last evening, the beds are sheltered by a large tree and they hardly saw a drop of water. Appears a little strange to set out the sprinkler when it just rained, but I can easily explain it to the neighbors, I promise!

I bought Steel Magnolias in the bargain bin at Target the other day. I haven't watched it in years and years but look forward to a good laugh/cry very soon.

My home laptop needs a new motherboard and I'm trying desperately to burn dvds of pictures/files from the computer before I send it in. Apparently they wipe any new programs off so I'm trying to figure out how to save my iTunes library. Need to look that up. Won't fit on one dvd so may need to spring for a larger flash drive. Ugh.

The cats are glad I'm working from home. They alternate between rubbing at my ankles and looking out the windows and napping.


Stacey said...

You should be OK with iTunes if you have an online account and have it backed up there. I need to get a new battery because it constantly flashes red and lasts about 4 minutes before the computer shuts off. Good times!

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

That's my very favorite thing about working from home: during breaks, you can get some home chores done. Love that!

Enjoy "Steel Magnolias". One of my all-time favorites.