28 August 2010

green beans, green toes

My neighbor's car alarm has been going off every five minutes since 6:45am. Good thing I was awake already. The windows are thrown open to let in this delicious cool morning air. Damp and humid, but with a chill that holds just the smallest promise of fall weather.

I've been obsessed with green lately. And I'm not just talking about veggies (although those are pretty fantastic right now). On a recent road trip to visit friends Theresa and Mommy, Esq. we got our nails done. My pedicure choice was this one: a bright kelly green that incidentally matches two pairs of flip-flops and a cardigan sweater that I purchased recently. I told you, I'm obsessed with green.

Although it's not green, I'm also pretty excited about the artichoke tealight holder that I picked up at Anthropologie last month.

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