06 March 2011

growing: springtime bulbs

Today is supposed to be rainy, which I'm kind of excited about for the sake of the garden.  Yesterday during the warm afternoon I ventured out to clear out some of the beds, stir the compost, and survey the springtime arrivals.  The news is somewhat promising - the forsythia bush is budding, the irises are pushing out of the ground, and two or three hyacinths are starting their slow arrival.

Sadly, the little lilac bush that my neighbor mowed down and I tried to nurse back to health is showing zero signs of life.  Not a good sign.  Top that with the fact that my next-door neighbor recently chopped down her big, beautiful lilac bush and I'm a bit sad.  I'll miss that sweet smell wafting across the backyard fence.

But I'm trying to concentrate on the happy parts and the slow but steady arrival of springtime.

1 comment:

T. said...

Wow, and I was excited about seeing grass for the first time in about three months :-)