16 April 2011

eating: asparagus

Rainy Saturday.  Quick trip to the farmers' market in hopes that asparagus was finally being harvested around these parts.  Three dollars per pound and worth every penny for the happiness factor.  Primarily thin, tender stalks that will be delightful lightly sauteed in lemon olive oil and dusted with sea salt.  Lunchtime can't come soon enough.

Asparagus season 2009 favorite recipe:  here
Asparagus season 2010 favorite "recipe:"  here
Asparagus season 2011 favorite recipe:  TBD
Perhaps Asparagus Risotto with Mint?


Anonymous said...

Sounds promising!

I feel like I've also seen recipes for raw shaved asparagus in salad form.

L. said...

I'm going to have to try one of those recipes!

Janet said...

We had asparagus for breakfast!!!! I usually just buy several pounds at a time and cook them up. Then I can throw them in anything.