15 April 2011


~ My wonderful coworker Abby surprised me with a do-it-yourself terrarium kit from Warm Country Meadows (on etsy).  Since I work in a museum environment, I cannot have live plants in my work space.  Hopefully greenery encased in glass will pass muster.  But for now it sits on my kitchen counter, making me smile.  Love the little red and white spotted mushroom.  The process of putting it together was simple - stones, charcoal, soil, moss, decorate, and spritz with water.  It's a little misty inside there right now, making it look like a magical little world.  Thanks Abby!

~ We're installing a new exhibit at work, which is always my more stressful time.  It is sometimes so hard to envision layouts of objects, but I've been using Google SketchUp, which certainly helps with seeing the three-dimensional vision.  I spent four hours a few days ago just covering platforms with fabric.  Thank goodness for an electric staple gun.

~ The farmers' market has started up again in the city and I've meandered through the past two Saturdays to see what's what.  Just a handful of vendors, but I'm very excited for the start of fresh vegetables again.  In my own garden, I still need to get my seeds planted, but have high hopes for this weekend - I am actually in town and without major plans, which will be a nice change of pace.  I did have a chance to make a trip to the dump to pick up free mulch though, so I'm all ready to get cracking on garden work.

~ I am absolutely, utterly in love with Adele.  Have been playing her music nonstop during my long commute.  Generally belting out the songs as we go along.


L. said...

Love your terrarium--it's adorable! And I totally had a dream about Adele the other night, weird, right?

almostima said...

What's the connection between live plants and museum environments?

Gretchen said...

Bug like plants. Museums don't like bugs (they eat things; mice eat them; etc.). Plus, moisture/water needed for plants is a no-go when you are trying to control the environment humidity-wise.

almostima said...

Makes sense!